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Chords screen modes

The ‘Chords’ screen supports two different modes. The mode “Chord type” lets you select a chord by its root note, chord type and optional bass note. If you change to “Scale” the screen will look totally different. This can be confusing and is therefore worth mentioning.

‘Chord type’ mode

The ‘Chords’ screen uses this mode if you click on ‘Chords’ on the home screen. In this mode, you can select the root, the type and an optional bass note for a slash chord.

‘Scale’ mode

The ‘Scale’ mode has a different appearance and handling. It shows diatonic chords for a scale. Diatonic chords are the chords that are derived from the notes of a scale. They build a family of chords all tied to one another by the notes of that scale.

The chords are grouped by their root. Which chords are listed depends on the following points:

  • Scale:
    As the chords are derived from the notes of a scale, they will change from scale to scale.
  • Chord type filter:
    The chord type filter is also active in this mode. This means that the number of chords might be limited to the basic chord types.
  • The maximal number of notes in the chord:
    This number limits the listed chords to those which are constructed of this maximal number of notes. So you can limit the result e.g. to power chords with just two notes or allow pentachords with five notes. A higher number will result in a larger list.
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