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Reverse chord finder

A reverse chord finder, also known as a chord identifier or chord recognizer, is a tool or software that helps you determine the name or notation of a chord based on the notes you provide. Instead of inputting a chord name to find its notes, you input the specific notes you’re playing, and the reverse chord finder identifies the corresponding chord.

In smartChord, it is named ‘Chord name‘. It’s one of the best reverse chord finders on the market.

Reverse chord finders are particularly useful when you come across a chord that you’re unfamiliar with or when you want to analyze or transcribe a chord progression from a song. By inputting the individual notes played simultaneously or consecutively, the reverse chord finder analyzes the intervals between the notes and matches them to known chord structures, providing you with the name or notation of the chord.

These tools can help musicians, songwriters, and music students in identifying and understanding the harmonic content of a chord, enhancing their ability to analyze and recreate music accurately. Reverse chord finders are available as standalone software programs, online tools, or as features within music theory software or mobile applications.

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