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Language support

First, you can change the language of smartChord.de with the globe in the menu.

You can change the language of the app in the General settings. Supported are German, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Basque and French.

Online help

The smartChord documentation page is the main source if you need help. There is also a FAQ page with answers to the most frequently asked questions.

There is also our YouTube channel which explains more comprehensive features: https://www.youtube.com/c/smartChord.

Get help on the device

Get help for a feature

You’ll get individual help for each feature by the menu in the upper right corner of the screen. It takes you to the specific Help screen for the feature. The Help screen …

  • explains the functionality of the associated feature
  • gives tips for the associated feature
  • explains the relevant settings for the feature
  • provides the FAQ section which clarifies frequently asked questions
  • has a full-text search over all help pages

You can get tooltips for most of the buttons with a long press on the button.

Get useful information

The Info icon on the Home screen provides comprehensive and helpful information:

Documentation for smartChord & tools

News on smartChord.de

Update: Link to Google Play, where you can update smartChord

Frequently Asked Questions: Clarifies frequently asked questions

Tips: List of all tips

Videos on YouTube: Link to our YouTube channel

Shop: Shop for In-App purchases. The free smartChord version already offers you an immense range of functions. Free of charge and yet without annoying advertising! It would be all the nicer if we were given support for our work and at the same time you gave yourself more comfort and efficiency

Rate in Market: Link to Google Play, where you can write a review about smartChord. Share your positive experiences and help make our community thrive by leaving a glowing review – your feedback is not only valuable to us but also contributes to an even better experience for you and fellow users!

Recommend: Easy way to spread the joy by recommending smartChord to your friends! Your positive experiences not only help build a vibrant user community but also contribute to making the app even better. As the community grows, so does the app’s quality, ensuring you and others continue to enjoy an increasingly improved and rewarding experience!

Newsletter: Get the latest news about smartChord & tools and register for our newsletter

Instagram: Our Instagram profile

Facebook: Our Facebook profile

What’s new: Information about what is new in the latest version

Version history: The smartChord version history with all changes

Your products: Lists all the smartChord products you have purchased

Your features: Lists all the features of the smartChord products you have purchased

Permissions: Explains the permissions required for smartChord to work properly

Known issues: Normally all problems are fixed as far as we can. Otherwise, they are listed here

Feedback: Link to send us feedback

Market: Link to Google Play, where you can find smartChord

Charitable donation: If you like smartChord, help other people with a charitable donation

Thanks to: List of all people who contributed to the success of smartChord. At this point, thank you very much again 💕

Copyright: Copyright notice

Privacy policy: Our privacy policy promises you that we will not collect, use or even share personal information.

End-user license agreement: You as a user should be aware that our End-User License Agreement (EULA) specifies the terms and conditions governing the use of smartChord, including permissions, restrictions, and potential consequences for non-compliance, and it’s crucial to thoroughly read and understand these terms before using the product.

Licenses and trademarks: Lists all used licenses and trademarks

About: information about us.

Get help by mail

If there are still questions, please write an email to info@smartChord.de.

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