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Note circle

The note circle

  • is generally used in smartChord to select a note. For example in the Chords tool to select the base or bass note of a chord.
  • helps you to understand the intervals between notes which is fundamental in Western music theory. It’s like unlocking a map that guides you through the landscape of music. Knowing how sharps and flats affect notes is crucial for grasping melody and harmony.
  • shows you the enharmonic equivalents. They are fascinating because they showcase the flexibility and complexity of music notation. A# and Bb might look different on paper, but they sound identical—a reminder that music is as much about sound as it is about symbols.
  • helps you counting semitones. Simply count the fields from one note to the next to obtain the semitones. From C to E results in 4 semitones. It’s like learning the distances between landmarks on a journey—it helps you navigate the musical terrain with confidence.
  • uses your color scheme to color the notes and make them clearer for you.

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