It may happen, that problems arise, we can not reproduce. In this case you can provide us with useful information by using the following procedure:

1. Tap at least 15 times within one minute on the title of the screen that makes the trouble. If you use smartChord before V6.23, go to the “Info” screen. On this screen, a gesture detector is in the background working. Please draw the following gesture on the screen:

2. You’ll find yourself on the “Logging” screen

3. Tap the menu button of your handy

4. Choose the item ‘Delete’

5. Tap menu item ‘Settings’ with gear icon and set the LogLevel to ‘DEBUG’

6. Tap ‘Back’

7. Tap menu item ‘Settings’ with pensil icon

8. Leave this logging screen

9. Reproduce the problem

10. Go once again to the “Logging” screen

11. Tap the menu item ‘Send mail’ to send us an email. Your email app will be opened with the logging information. Send us this logging information as provided and describe the problem in detail.

Many thanks in advance!