5 Awesome Mobile Guitar Apps to Make You a Guitar Master

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maketecheasier.com wrote

“While a beginner may only be concerned with the five major chords, there are thousands of playable chords on a six-string guitar. (And that’s not even counting power chords.) Keeping track of all those chords along with all possible fingerings can be difficult even for a seasoned guitar player. Thankfully, using smartChord means you don’t have to.


smartChord is the ultimate chord referencing app. It contains almost all possible chord types and fingerings for guitar and other string instruments. The app supports both left- and right-handed players and has different modes to suit the user’s skill level. In addition, the app boasts lots of other useful features like scale and arpeggio training. One of the most useful (and interesting) features of the app is the reverse chord finder. This feature allows you to nominate the fingering, and the app will identify which chord that fingering relates to.”