smartChord V6.8

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✅ 58 new picking patterns (>= “PP 470+”; now there are 287)

✅ Pattern: Switch pattern easily by gesture (you can define by settings to switch just between favorites)

✅ Pattern: Option to play the TAB by touching the TAB view

✅ Songbook: Automatic lookup for audio files, if location has been changed (e.g. after synchronization)

✅ Songbook: Shows target note names when transposing

✅ Synchronization: Better user guidance

✅ New Chords: 7/#11, 7add4, 11b9, 13sus4, aug7, add2add4, madd2add4, maj6/7, m/maj9, m/maj11, m/maj13, m7add4

✅ FAQ: New information screen with frequently asked questions

✅ Fix: Deleted favorite patterns and favorite fingerings are now removed on synchronization

✅ Other changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Adam Beaudoin, Emanolito Leitner, Slawomir Herman and Thomas Kjolsing for their contribution to this version.