smartChord V7.15

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⭐ Songbook internet search:
▫ More clear user interface
▫ Song preview option
▫ Option to exclude certain chord sites from the song search
▫ Reload button for the case that the found song was incomplete
▫ Improved search for instrument-specific TABs
▫ Support for
▫ Support for

⭐ Drum machine:
▫ 422 drum patterns: You shared your drum patterns with us. We have collected them and made them available for download

✅ Metronome: Number of cycles and elapsed time added

✅ Tooltips for most of the buttons (long press on the button)

✅ Songbook: Printed and shared PDF gets the name of the song

✅ Other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Edson Ferreira de Siqueira, Jasper Peñaredondo, Knut Beese, Lili Wass, Leopold Müller, Orange Gossimer, Peter B. Schmidt, Werner Lukanek and Wim Lemmens for their contribution to this version