smartChord V8.4

✅ Set list:
▫ Edit duration, key, tempo and time signature for PDFs and images
▫ Edit duration for notes and breaks
▫ Option to fade in the key, time signature, BPM and duration for the set list entries
▫ Duration of the set list is automatically calculated by the duration of the songs

▫ ‘Break’ screen with countdown timer. The timer is automatically started if the set list setting ‘Auto start’ is activated
❗ Edit set list information is now possible by menu

✅ Songbook: Option to refresh Androids MediaStore if audio or video file could not be found

✅ Scales: Option to change scale without changing the key

✅ New instrument: Waldzither with predefined 12 tunings

  • Standard
  • Barock
  • Bass
  • Basszither
  • Descant
  • Guitar
  • Piccolo 1
  • Piccolo 2
  • Tenor 1
  • Tenor 2
  • Völkel

✅ New chord type 7/b13

▶ There is a new songbook video:

? Share lists: Some share links made problems and couldn’t be imported

? Scales: Fixed update TAB and fretboard view after scale change

? Table of Contents: Preview prevented the selection

? Table of Contents keeps selection when entered again

✔ Other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Brooks Van Buren, Carlos G Santos, Dirk Klamerek, Eric Gump, Rob D. Schaefer and Santi Chacon for their contribution to this version

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smartChord V8.3.1

? Songbook: Chord change removed the text where the text and chords were in one line

? Synchronization: Error message, if there were files in the cloud folder with identical names

? Other minor changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Alex Bogdan, Vic Gil and William Liu for their contribution to this version

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smartChord V8.3

⭐ Songbook enhanced with a contextual menu to make things much faster:
▫ Edit the song in the songbook itself without the detour through the edit screen
◾ Mark blocks like chorus or bridge to highlight them with the color of your choice
◾ Insert and delete scroll breaks
▫ Select a chord that is not recognized and create a custom chord
▫ Translate the selected text into your language
▫ Copy the selected text to the clipboard
▫ Use a ‘long press’ on the song text to get the contextual menu
✅ Scroll breaks:
▫ Scroll breaks are now visible and represented by a grey line
▫ Tap on the grey line to change the duration of the scroll break

✅ Restore from file: Backup got a new menu item to select a backup file via the file explorer

✅ New picking patterns:
▫ PP 4/4 460 v1: PIMAIMIM
▫ PP 4/4 497 v1: PIMA_MIM
▫ PP 4/4 499: PIPI
▫ PP 6/8 603 v2 ab: PIMPMI

? Song synchronization set the current date as modification date

? Custom instrument vanished after restart

? Fingering selection got lost when changing the screen

▶ There is a video editing songs:

✔ Other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Christian Engelking, Edgar Millena, Nico Rieske, Rob D. Schaefer and Thomas Keppeler for their contribution to this version

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