smartChord V9.2

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⭐⭐⭐ World first: Song analyzer is released ⭐⭐⭐
⭐ New ‘Song analyzer’ detects the chord progressions and keys of every song
⭐ Write your songs based on the chord progressions of successful songs
▫ It analyzes the songs in your songbook or any other song found by the internet search
▫ It shows the set of chords and the key of a song
▫ It shows the chord progressions and also their keys
▫ It lets you create your chord progressions based on the ones detected
▶ Our video shows the use of the ‘Song analyzer’

⭐ A further set of chord notations mainly used in South America
▫ (#4), (11/b5), (11/b9), (13/#11), (13/b9), (4/7), (b13/b5), (b9/#5)
▫ 7(#11), 7(#9/#5), 7(11), 7(4), 7(9/#11), 7(9/#11/13), 7(9/#5), 7(9/11), 7(9/b5)
▫ 7(b5/#9), 7(b5/b13), 7(b5/b9), 7(b9/#5), 7(b9/13), 7+(#11), 7+(#11/13)
▫ 7+(#5), 7+(#9), 7+(11), 7+(13), 7+(13/#11), 7+(2), 7+(2/4), 7+(4), 7+(6), 7+(6/9)
▫ 7+(9/#11), 7+(9/#11/13), 7+(9/13), 7+(9/4), 7+(b5), 7+(b5), 7+(b9), 7+(b9), 7+(sus), 9(#11), 9(4)
▫ m(#11), m(#13), m(#4), m(#6), m(#9), m(11), m(13), m(2), m(2/4), m(4), m(6), m(6/11), m(6/9)
▫ m(7), m(7+), m(9), m(9/11), m(9/b5), m(b11), m(b11/b9), m(b13), m(b4), m(b5), m(b6), m(b7), m(b9)
▫ m(sus), m7(11), m7(4), m7(6), m7(9/#5), m7(9/11), m7(9/b5), m7(add4)
▫ m7(b5/b9), m7(b9/b5), m7+(#9), m7+(9), m7+(b9)
▫ They improve, among other things, the chord recognition in the songbook

✔ Songbook: Improved parsing of chord lines with brackets

✔ Synchronisation screens with uniform operation in terms of the cloud:
▫ Click on the ‘Folder’ button or the folder name to switch the folder
▫ Click on the cloud provider logo to switch between the cloud providers

? Cloud: Handling of invalid folder names

? Edit screen: Use of the floating action button crashed the app

✔ Other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Alexey Molchanov, Emil Sinclair, Jonathan Olson, Luiz Fernando Laux, Martin P. Daniels, Nuno Moura and Steve Battig for their contribution to this version