smartChord V7.10

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⭐ Changes in appearance of chords, scales, arpeggios and the circle of fifths
▫ New option to apply the color scheme either to intervals or notes. With the new option, you can get always the same color for the same note
▫ New option to show semitones on the fretboard smaller. This helps your orientation on the fretboard a lot
▫ Consistent coloring according the chord and scale formula

⭐ Three new arpeggio pattern modes:
▫ 2 notes per string pattern
▫ 3 notes per string pattern
▫ 4 notes per string pattern

❗ Now there is just one general setting for what kind of information is shown on the fretboard. It’s the same for chords, scales and arpeggios

❗ New setting groups ‘Name settings’ and ‘Appearance’. Some settings have been moved to the new groups

✅ Scale and Arpeggio with improved usability and optimized pattern overview

✅ Synchronize categories

✅ Piano: Option to show color scheme together with the note name

❗ Scale: Fixed patterns with fret range bigger than 12

❗ Scale: Fixed update screen after scale change

❗ Arpeggio: Fix for more complex chords like 13sus4

✅ Fix: Keep categories when synchronizing songs or set lists

✅ Many other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Christoph Lanz, Henk Oostrom, Leo Müller, Liam Gotch and Santi Chacon for their contribution to this version