smartChord V6.6

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⭐⭐⭐ New s.mart app for picking patterns as pre release for subscribers and unlimited customers ⭐⭐⭐
◾ Learn and discover picking patterns
◾ At the end there will be more than 200 picking patterns for beginners and fingerstyle professionals
◾ Compare them and listen to the difference
◾ Apply the patterns to a chord list and listen to the result
◾ Get the result as a TAB view and look how the different fingerings are played
◾ Save the pattern and the chords for later use
◾ Sync your patterns and chord lists between your devices
◾ Create exercises to practice the patterns
▶ There is a new video about the pattern app:

✅ Chord progression: Fixes and better user guidance

✅ Undo and redo in ‘Edit’ screen

✅ Tuning of the current instrument isn’t changed, if a chord is added or replaced for a song or chord progression with different tuning

✅ Tempo of a new exercise or chord progression is set to the last setting

✅ Exercises from “Practice” feature are now part of the synchronization

✅ Fixed: Multiple standard tunings in the favorite tuning list

✅ Added chord type m7/b5/b9

✅ New color scheme

✅ Many minor changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Gaétan Dorion, Mark Saltzman, Matt Faris and Taigen Graham for their contribution to this version.