smartChord V11.6

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⭐ Set List

◾ Scrolling PDF and images:
▫ Auto-scroll works for PDF and images, for which a duration has been specified
▫ Option to activate auto-scroll for PDF and images
▫ ‘Start’ button to start the auto-scroller if the option is not active

◾ Improved image viewer:
▫ Images are zoomable and movable
▫ Scrolling by fingers, Bluetooth or MIDI devices
▫ Double tap to fit into screen

◾❗ Behaviour change: The toolbar of the Songbook remains displayed if it is pinned and no full screen mode is active

✔ New documentation:
Chord progression overview
How to use chord progressions

🐞 Set List PDF viewer scrolling pages for some PDFs

✔ Other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Frits Boogaarts, Gerrit Horeis, Manuel Almonacid, Marcos Perico Lospalotes, Michelle Croissant and Steve Clerckx for their contribution to this version