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Auto-scroll songs, images and PDFs

On mobile devices, it is often not possible to display the entire piece on the screen. The Set List supports scrolling for your songs, image, and PDF files. To scroll through your songs, the extensive scrolling features of the Songbook are utilized. To scroll through your images and PDFs is done by the Set List. If an image or PDF file doesn’t fit on the screen and you have specified a duration for it, the auto-scroll feature will be activated. A “Play” button will appear in the top right corner to start the automatic scrolling. If you have activated the options “Automatic scroll (PDF/Image)” and “Automatic start” in the settings, the scrolling starts automatically.

If the automatic scrolling is started, it begins with a delay, allowing the upper part to remain visible for a short duration. A countdown appears in the top right corner, displaying the remaining seconds. After the delay, the song starts scrolling up, and the countdown is replaced by the remaining time of the song. Tap on the remaining time to stop scrolling. The “Play” button will reappear, allowing you to restart the scrolling.

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