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This tool enables you to save and practice chord progressions – of famous compositions and your own music or exercises.

Save chord progressions: With smartChord you can save popular chord progressions or your own chord progressions so that you can access and practice them at any time. Your saved chord progressions can also be used in other smartChord tools. You can select a chord progression for example in the Fretboard Trainer and learn to locate chords.

Practice chord progressions: Use the tool to create and play different chord progressions, which helps you to improve your understanding of harmonies and song structures.

Practice chord changes: Fluid chord changes are crucial to playing songs. Beginners should regularly practice switching between different chords to improve their dexterity and timing.

Memorize fingerings: You can also use chord progressions to memorize any fingerings. For example, the fingerings you want to learn or fingerings you want to memorize for specific purposes.

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