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Learning the notes, chords and scales on the whole fretboard so well that you can quickly find them again while playing the guitar can be very tedious. Study these important things in a playful and nevertheless very effective way for every possible tuning and instrument like Guitar, Bass, Banjo or Ukulele.

Different quiz types and a lot of options make it diversified and never boring. Statistics show your progress and the notes, chords and scales you have to focus on. Certainly one of the most extensive and versatile of its kind.

⭐ Supports about 40 instruments. Not just the common ones like Guitar, Bass, Banjo or Ukulele. The Fretboard Trainer knows also stringed instruments like Cavaquinho, Charango, Cigar-Box-Guitar, Mandola or Mandolin

⭐ 500 tunings are predefined for Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele a.s.o.

⭐ Custom tunings for every other possible tuning

⭐ Learn every possible chord. The Fretboard Trainer knows more than 1200 chord types on a simple guitar and every possible fingering

⭐ Learn more than 1100 scales on every fretted instrument and tuning, not only on the common ones like Guitar, Bass, Banjo or Ukulele.

⭐ Eight different quiz types for notes, chords and scales

⭐ Most effective training mode

⭐ Selectable input/output modules: Fretboard, Piano, Text, List, Musical Notation, Sound, Microphone

⭐ The chords and scales are optionally represented in musical notation and you can learn it along the way

⭐ Learn the notes of the fretboard string by string with the option to limit quizzes to a subset of strings

⭐ Play the answer with your instrument. The Fretboard Trainer listens to your Guitar

⭐ Statistics to show your training progress and what you need to focus on (table and chart)

⭐ In order to keep a better overview, the visible area of the fingerboard can be extended beyond the one to be learned

⭐ Add chords easily from your songs and chord progressions

⭐ Possible cheat hints on all modules if help is needed

⭐ Supports all other relevant smartChord features (e.g. left handed fretboard or Solfège, NNS)

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