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Custom chords

Create custom chords

smartChord allows you to create your own chords. For that, you need to switch the filter to ‘Custom’. Then you are able to maintain your own chord types or delete them again. Custom chords do not differ from build-in chords. They are seamlessly integrated and available in all features including the songbook.

Use custom chords to …

  • create your own chords with special characteristics
  • rename existing chords according to your naming convention
  • use the same chord with different fingerings in one song.


You want to have a C7 chord with a two different fingerings.

  1. Tap the chord C7 on the fretboard
  2. Select the root note ‘C’
  3. Enter the name of your custom chord type, e.g. ‘_7’
  4. Tap the button ‘Create’
  5. Open the Songbook
  6. Edit the song text and replace the ‘C7’ with the ‘C_7’
  7. Close the editor and accept the change
  8. You’ll see the new chord ‘C_7’ in the song and the chord gallery
  9. Do a long click on the ‘C_7’ in the gallery and choose ‘Replace fingering’ from the menu.
  10. Choose a different fingering and acknowledge with the check-mark
  11. The new fingering will appear in the chord gallery of the Songbook

Note: The new chord type ‘_7’ will also appear in the ‘Chords‘ screen. You can switch the ‘Chord type filter‘ to ‘Custom’ to see all of your custom chords. You have created the chord type for C7, but your new chord type ‘_7’ works for every other root as well: B_7, D_7, …

Delete custom chords

Custom chords are maintained in the ‘Chords‘ screen. You need to switch the ‘Chord type filter‘ to ‘Custom’. Then you are able to maintain your own chord types or delete them again.

Request chord

If you miss a chord type, please send us a new chord type request. We’ll add it to the next version.

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