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The songbook is the most valuable addition to smartChord. This is the compressed feature list:

Find and save all the songs you like – without registration and account
⭐ Get millions of songs from the best internet song catalogs like ultimate-guitar, chordie, e-chords, guitaretab, …
⭐ Get any chord in the song automatically
⭐ Get the fingerings automatically for your instrument and tuning
Transpose between instruments, tunings, keys, with or without capo!
Intelligent line wrap, zoom, multi-column and auto scroll feature
⭐ Integrated players: YouTube-, video- and audio-player with A-B loop, drum machine as well as a metronome
⭐ Full-screen mode, ‘dark’ mode, history, print, …
⭐ Use Bluetooth and MIDI devices to control the Songbook
⭐ Organize songs in a set list
Connect bandmates during rehearsals and performances
Import, export, synchronization, share with friends
⭐ Online editor, viewer and importer
⭐ Highly customizable appearance
Simplify songs

The songbook has a Piano mode and a Lyrics mode which makes the songbook attractive for singers.

The songbook does not contain songs because of copyrights. But smartChord allows you to create your own songbook easily with songs from the internet or your song files. All songs can be stored in the Songbook so they are available offline.

Get the s.mart Songbook from Google Play and try it for free!

We recommend three videos about the s.mart Songbook:

Our overview video shows you in a nutshell what you can expect:

Victor Osakas video gives a wonderful impression:

Our video provides a rough overview of the functional diversity:

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