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Scale selection

Change scale

To simplify the selection of scales, we offer various scale lists. Click on the scale name button, you can select the scale from these lists:

  • All scales: You’ll get a list with more than 1000 scales. There is an input field, where you can enter the name of the scale, to filter the huge list
  • Church modes: The list is limited to the church modes.
  • Modes: The list is limited to the modes of the currently selected scale
  • Common: The list is limited to the most common scale in the Western world
  • Scale favorites: Your scale favorites are listed. You can maintain your scale favorites with the Edit list button

Please note that you can maintain blacklists. Blacklisted scales are never listed for you.

We recommend to maintain these blacklists in the Scale filter settings.

Change tonic

Click on the tone name button to change the tonic of the scale

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