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Knowing and understanding scale patterns is an essential part of becoming a well-rounded, skilled guitarist. Knowledge of scale patterns will help you improve your improvisation, assist you in writing leads, and make jamming with other musicians much easier.

With smartChord you can learn over 1100 scales.

The Scales screen gives you all the information about the selected scales.

You can switch the scale with the scale name button and you can change the tonic with the tone name button.

The screen shows the musical notation with the notes of the scale plus the chromatic signs. Underneath you see the formula which the scale follows and the whole-note steps and half-note steps which separate the scale notes. The settings allow you to see the scale, ascending, descending, or ascending and descending

You have the option of viewing the scale

  • on the tone-circle view
  • on the tablature
  • on a fretboard or the scale patterns in a fretboard gallery. What you see depends on the pattern mode. The fretboard matches the chosen instrument and tuning. You can switch the instrument as well as the tuning in the menu
  • on the Piano

The toolbar gives you quick access to

Use the menu to

  • open the Fretboard Explorer to explore the scale
  • create an exercise from the selected scale pattern
  • add the selected scale pattern to an exercise
  • change the instrument and tuning

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