smartChord V6.13.1

⭐ Songbook: Start of scrolling can be optionally delayed.
▫ For a defined number of seconds or automatically determined by the visible scroll range and the song duration
▫ General setting for the default value
▫ Song specific setting

✅ Fix: scrolling in set list

❀ Special thanks to Michelle Levy-Benitez, Rainer Schoettgen, Rick Tucker and William Worrell for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V6.13

⭐⭐⭐ Online song viewer ⭐⭐⭐
▫ Sing with your audience and show them the lyrics of the current song in any browser
▫ Present your song in any browser at (e.g. the one of your smart TV)
▫ Shows automatically the current song
▫ Different themes for daylight or in the dark pub
▫ Optimized text size by one to four columns
▶ Our video shows the handling:

⭐ Songbook
▫ Start and stop a song by double click anywhere on the song view
▫ Scrolling can be paused for a defined time with new directive: {x_sccrd_sbr:10}
▫ Scrolling starts with a delay of a 1/3 screen (so the first lines are longer visible)
▫ Time for automatic scrolling is taken from {duration} directive. Otherwise 3:30 is assumed
▫ Keep the result of a transposition as the original song
▫ Count in runs only when a song gets started and is ignored after a pause
▫ Number of count in beats depends on the songs time signature
▫ Time of count in depends on the songs tempo (BPM)
▫ Internet links can be added with new directive (e.g. {x_sccrd_href:;Our songbook video})
▫ Pre chorus blocks can be defined with directives: {start_of_pre_chorus} and {end_of_pre_chorus}
▫ New color options to define the text and background colors for the pre chorus block
▫ If {chorus} directive has no text, the text of the {start_of_chorus:text} is shown instead
▫ Scroll speed is song specific

✅ Online song editor update (V1.2)
▫ Support for new directives/infos

✅ Option to print chords and chord progressions black/white

✅ Bugfix: print chord progression

✅ Minor changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Andrea Bazzani, Frank Berens, Georg-Felix Radwanski, Kip Kennedy, Sherry Hunter and Stephan Andres for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V6.12

⭐ 36 picking patterns for 5 string Banjo (now there are 415 altogether)

⭐ Songbook has got two new modes:
▫ ‘Just chords’ shows only the chords and the structure of a song. The chords are aligned in columns.
▫ ‘Lyrics’ shows only the lyrics and the structure of a song

⭐ Songbook supports new chord pages:

⭐ Songbook with different fonts to change the appearance of a song (Android >= 5.0)

✅ Songbook provides new song information properties:
▫ Dance
▫ Genre

✅ Songbook: lot of other minor improvements/fixes

✅ Online song editor update (V1.1): Support for new directives/infos

✅ New general chords print dialog with the option to
▫ print the chords
▫ share the chords via PDF
▫ define the number of chords per row

✅ Chord progression: The printout differs depending on the chosen TAB and prints either: Chord set, the bars with chords or the whole sequence of chords

✅ Playground allows portrait mode on large screens

✅ Songbook fix: There were extra line breaks e.g. when a ChordPro directive {comment_box} was used

✅ Minor changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Emanolito Leitner, Frank Berens, Moritz Wiedmann, Perry Spero, Ulrich Auer and Volker Neuss for their contribution to this version.

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