smartChord V6.18

⭐ Full text search for songs
▫ Can be used to search for chords, song text or arbitrary song information
▫ The search also supports the wildcards ‘?’ for any character and ‘*’ for 0 or more characters
▫ Complex search terms can be logically linked with ‘AND’, ‘OR’, ‘(‘ and ‘)’
▫ Option for case sensitive search

⭐ Favor your store items to find them more easily in the storage:
▫ Songs
▫ Set lists
▫ Chord progressions
▫ Exercises
▫ Notes
▫ Metronome sets
▫ Tone generator sets
▫ New setting to define the sort behavior

✅ Songbook: New directive to tag your songs

✅ Set list: New directive to tag your set lists

✅ Full text search for notes

✅ Option to print arpeggios and scales black/white

✅ Chord 6/11 added

✅ Fix Songbook: Set song duration different than the audio duration

✅ Minor changes/fixes

✅ Online song editor update (V1.4) with support for tags (

❀ Special thanks to Edson Siqueira, Javier Ran, Jens Martin, Ken Cowie, Tarun Mudgal and Thomas Fiebich for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V6.17

⭐ Songbook
▫ Option to print song info
▫ Edit all song properties
▫ Duration is now formatted in format ‘mm:ss’ and entered by dialog
▫ Option to activate word wrap in editor
▫ Keeps original ChordPro lines as they are (no conversion)
▫ Fix: Song page jumped to the top after restart, when audio player was active

⭐ Set list
▫ Navigate within the set list by a MIDI device (Android >= 6.0 Marshmallow)
◾ Navigate between the songs
◾ Scroll within a song
◾ Start/stop auto scrolling, metronome or the audio player
◾ Configure your MIDI device individually

▫ Pedal configuration extended for ‘Start/stop metronome”

✅ Arpeggio: Print an arpeggio shown on the fretboard with all its patterns

✅ Metronome:
▫ ‘Count in’ option
▫ Fix: Sound was muted after changing the time signature

✅ Notepad:
▫ Supports basic HTML formats
▫ Menu to format your notes comfortably
▫ Option to activate word wrap in editor

✅ Added chord type m6add11

✅ Other changes/fixes like printing slash chords

❀ Special thanks to Aklan Akdağ, Buule Julius, Francois Amaral, Jeff Puchalski, Joel Allen, Марат Прошкин, Pepe Zaldivar, Rodrigo Mathews, Rick Tucker, Serkan Gürses, Shant Shinde and Thomas Nuckel for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V6.16

⭐ Songbook
Optional metronome integrated:
◾ Enter song specific tempo by BPM dialog with tap tempo functionality
◾ Select song specific time signature from list
◾ Optionally flash
◾ Optionally mute
◾ Optionally vibrate

▫ Determine capo and key when searching songs on Ultimate Guitar
▫ Capo is now also part of the collapsed info section
▫ Toolbar vanishes on start
▫ New arranged buttons in toolbar

▫ Different content for the ‘Online song viewer’:

◾ Provide the lyrics for your audience or the whole song for your band mates
◾ Present your song in any browser at
◾ Our video shows the handling for the ‘Online song viewer’:

✅ ‘Table of content’ allows fast scrolling by dragging the scrollbar

✅ Metronome: Option to flash the screen on every beat

✅ Notepad:
▫ Add links to your store items: chord progressions, songs, set lists, exercises, patterns, metronome and tone generator settings
▫ You can use it to document your exercises or create your exercise plan

✅ Chord name:
▫ Improved determination of slash chords
▫ Fix: ‘Change tuning’ does now update the fretboard view

✅ Practice: Option to show note names

✅ Minor changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Aklan Akdağ, Benno Schoppel, Gina Millis, Henk Oostrom, Jacob Pemberton, jmboof1, Jonathan Boughton, Marc Barten, Roberto Quaciari and Thomas Wenselowski for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V6.15

⭐ Songbook: Accelerate or slow down the speed at which you’d like to practice a song (Android >= 6.0). It affects the audio play speed as well as the scroll speed

⭐ Scales: Print a scale shown on the fretboard with all its patterns

✅ 38 new predefined tunings for Lute

✅ Fixes:
◾ Songbook: Scroll break directive ({x_sccrd_sbr} did not work in all conditions
◾ Songbook: Unnecessary line breaks removed
◾ Metronome: Some names of the drum sounds were mixed up
◾ Scales: Some “2 notes per string” scale patterns came twice

✅ Chord 7/b5/b13 added

✅ Minor changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Jamie Birger, Marc Barten, Marek Drizhal, Paulo Silva, Paul Breaux, Robin Grant, Thomas Terranova, Thor Crowley and Wesley Oldaker for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V6.14.2

✅ New ‘Folder’ menu item to rename your store items like songs, set lists, exercises

✅ Fixes:
◾ Set list shows info view again
◾ Songbook text editor adding picking patterns
◾ Songbook printing on some older devices
◾ Sharing (songs, exercises, …) with not allowed characters in name

✅ Minor changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Buule Chris, Dean Eisen, Gregory N and Bob Hilverth for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V6.14.1

✅ Songbook
◾ Scroll delay time is shown as a count down
◾ ‘Back to start’ includes the scroll delay
◾ Song name is not shown in first line if info view is visible
◾ Name is marked with ‘*’ if song has been changed until it is saved
◾ Fix: Info view can be hidden again

✅ Set list: Name is marked with ‘*’ if set list is changed until it is saved

✅ Cello, Viola and Violin now with 5 string support

✅ Fix in pattern: The time values of notes are taken into account

✅ Minor changes/fixes

✅ Subscribe to smartChord newsletter at

❀ Special thanks to Benno Schoppel, Jürgen Wernicke, Paul Schoonderwoerd, Piotr Popczyk and Slawomir Herman for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V6.14

Songbook text editor extension:
◾ Easily add and edit ChordPro and smartChord specific directives
◾ Add picking patterns to a song (new directive {x_sccrd_ppat})
◾ The offline solution corresponds with our Online song editor, which allows you to edit your song in the browser of your computer:

Songbook picking pattern support:
◾ Embed picking patterns within a song
◾ Tap on the picking pattern to show it or listen to it
◾ Create picking pattern exercises for the song

✅ Song information:
▫ Collapsed view shows in addition to the song name also the key, time signature, tempo and duration
▫ Easy tap to edit the information
✅ ‘Edit information’ screen (e.g. used in Songbook and Set list) is more handy now:
▫ It does not show empty information fields
▫ Additional information can be added by menu

✅ Print dialog with the option to print and share a song via PDF

✅ Info screen extended by:
▫ Link to the news on
▫ Link to our YouTube channel:

✅ Online song editor update (V1.3)
▫ Support for picking pattern

✅ Lot of minor changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Gerrit Horeis, Javier Barraza and Kip Kennedy for their contribution to this version.

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