smartChord V6.7.2

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✅ 52 new picking patterns (“PP 2/4 202 ab”, >= “PP 4/4 462”, >= “PP 6/8 613”)

✅ Synchronize favorite patterns and favorite fingerings individually

✅ Favorite fingerings are defined for a tuning, but independent from an instrument

✅ Songbook: Chord diagrams are part of the printout, if you have the chord gallery displayed

✅ Enter BPM direct per number

✅ Fix: Pattern ignored rests when playing

✅ Fix: Songbook had problems to detect the notes SOL# and SOLb

✅ Fix: Request permissions for external storage to do automatic backup on a reinstallation

✅ Other changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Andrea Bazzani, Hunter Dryden, Leo Müller, Matt Brunt, Ulrike Nehring and Vern Wilfinger for their contribution to this version