smartChord V6.14

Songbook text editor extension:
◾ Easily add and edit ChordPro and smartChord specific directives
◾ Add picking patterns to a song (new directive {x_sccrd_ppat})
◾ The offline solution corresponds with our Online song editor, which allows you to edit your song in the browser of your computer:

Songbook picking pattern support:
◾ Embed picking patterns within a song
◾ Tap on the picking pattern to show it or listen to it
◾ Create picking pattern exercises for the song

✅ Song information:
▫ Collapsed view shows in addition to the song name also the key, time signature, tempo and duration
▫ Easy tap to edit the information
✅ ‘Edit information’ screen (e.g. used in Songbook and Set list) is more handy now:
▫ It does not show empty information fields
▫ Additional information can be added by menu

✅ Print dialog with the option to print and share a song via PDF

✅ Info screen extended by:
▫ Link to the news on
▫ Link to our YouTube channel:

✅ Online song editor update (V1.3)
▫ Support for picking pattern

✅ Lot of minor changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Gerrit Horeis, Javier Barraza and Kip Kennedy for their contribution to this version.

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