smartChord V6.20.1

✅ Access to the ‘Table of content’ by the navigation menu

✅ Metronome: Option to keep the screen on either dimmed or bright

✅ Songbook: You can determine the scroll speed by editing a song (even below the limit of the seekbar)

✅ Fix: Chord diagrams are sometimes too narrow, when the setting ‘Frets per chord’ was small

✅ Fix: Practice: ‘Table of content’ didn’t show the name of the entries

✅ Fix: Practice asked too often for saving

✅ Fix: Audio player in ‘Notepad’ did not start the playback in every case

✅ Other changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks also to Benno Schoppel, Christopher Noll, Daniel Rothra, Daniel Südhof, Henk Oostrom and Thaddeus Steyskal for their contribution to this version.

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