smartChord V7.9

⭐⭐⭐ Categories to classify and filter your items like songs or drum patterns
▫ Create and maintain your own categories
▫ Assign the categories to your items
▫ Filter your items by one or more categories
▫ Each item type may have different categories
▫ A category can be used in multiple item types
▫ Category ‘Genre’ is predefined but changeable
▶ Our video shows how to use categories:

⭐ New set list export:
▫ Option to export as text or HTML
▫ Option to include the whole songs or just the lyrics
▫ Option to include ‘table of content’
▫ Option to include notes
▫ Export as text can be used e.g. to share it with your audience or to copy it into the clipboard
▫ Export as HTML can be used to open it in a browser to print it or create a PDF file

✅ New set list import

✅ Notepad
▫ Accepts shared texts and adds it as a note
▫ Copy a note to the clipboard

✅ Fix Songbook: Crashed on some old devices

✅ Fix Share: Allows to overwrite existing items

✅ A lot of other minor changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Barth Harrington, Chris Elstrodt, Emory Keller, John de Jong and Martin Porubsky for their contribution to this version.

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