smartChord V8.15

⭐ Circle of fifths
▫ Option to get triads, 7th or 9th chords
▫ Option to show the chord charts
▫ Option to show the scale on the fretboard
▫ Shows sheet music for the chords

Circle of fifths

⭐ ‘Scale-circle’. New innovative mode of the Circle of fifths
▫ It shows the chords for all 7 degrees: either triads, 7th or 9th chords
▫ It can be used with each scale which does have all 7 degrees
▫ There are more than 300 scales beneath the modes of the major scale like Dorian, Lydian or Mixolydian


✅ Songbook: Automatically creates custom chords when not built-in chord types are used

✅ Songbook: Support for chord names with brackets and comma (e.g. C7(no3,b5))

? Songbook: Crashed on devices with Android 4.1.x

? Problem to create custom chords starting with a note name


✔ Other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Alberto Ruiz Ibargüengoitia, Christ Deva, Glenn Homes, Joshua Loflin, Nathan Brooks, Tariq Abdus-Salaam and Thomas Güttler for their contribution to this version

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