smartChord V8.18

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⭐ Fretboard trainer

▫ Three new quiz types to learn scales:
◾ Identify scales
◾ Locate all notes of a scale
◾ Locate all fretboard positions of a scale

▫ Get the chords and scales optionally represented in musical notation and learn them along the way
▫ Learn the fretboard string by string with the new option to limit quizzes to a subset of strings

✔ Scale:
▫ Uniform way to select a scale
▫ New option for direction: Ascending – Ascending & descending – Descending

✔ Uniform use of the note circle for note selection

❗❗ Basic chords list reduced

? Circle of fifths crashed on some selected tunings
? Songbook: Remove capo did not work in every case

✔ Other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Andy Lopez, Dominique Portalier, Lena Schütten, Philibob Gossimer, Pisarev Oleg, Scott Noroozi and Stefano Tranchini for their contribution to this version