smartChord V9.9

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✔ Circle of Fifths and scale-circle:
▫ New piano setting to mark the keys belonging to the scale with its note name
▫ Option to allow/disallow the rotation of the circle to switch the key
▫ Option to keep the display active even without touching it
▫ Improved sound

✔ Piano: New positions for the notes to make them visible even if when the key is pressed

✔ Themes:
▫ Colors of toggle buttons have been changed for more contrast
▫ Color of the menus in the color of the theme

? Scales: Root is now shown with different color again if no color scheme is selected
? Circle of Fifths and scale-circle: ‘Show chords’ screen produced the same sound for all chords

✔ Other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Konstantin Paus, Mick Malkemus, Ronald Jonnes, Sean Avis, Sergei Nikiforov, Thomas Daniel and Zach Simmons for their contribution to this version