smartChord V10.1

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Song Writer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

◾ Option to display and use the diatonic chords of the selected scale as a complement to the circle of fifths
◾ Option to show the chord charts in the gallery
◾ Option to show the scale on the fretboard
◾ Long click on a chord chart in the gallery opens a menu to e.g. show the chord details or replace the fingering
◾ Menu item to open the Scale screen
◾ Menu item to show the fingerings for the chords of the song on a dedicated screen
◾ Split chord to create multiple chords in a bar
❗❗ It’s not fully featured at the moment, but worth checking out
❗❗ The same applies to the documentation. It’s under construction:
❗❗ The pre-release version is limited to subscribers and UNLIMITED customers for the time being

✔ Piano view: Multiple options to determine which note names are displayed: None, All, Active, Scale

✔ Song search: Prevents redirection from ultimate-guitar to the Google Play Store

✔ Fretboard trainer:
◾ New option to hide fret numbers
◾ Larger fingerboard for ease of input on small screens

? Set list: Reordering of set lists with duplicate entries
✔ Other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Andy Witmyer, Gerrit Horeis, Jonathan Olson, Pavel Studecký and Rob Schoonhoven for their contribution to this version