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The Song Writer makes it uniquely easy to write and arrange songs.

Discover a world where songwriting becomes effortlessly enjoyable with the Song Writer. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just starting your musical journey, this app is designed to make the process of writing and arranging songs a breeze.

Unlock the perfect chord progressions that harmonize flawlessly with the help of our seamlessly integrated smartChord tools. Use the possibilities for composing chords that sound good together:

Circle of Fifths: Tap into the power of this invaluable tool, embraced by musicians and composers worldwide. Let it guide and inspire you as you create captivating songs.

Scale-Circle: Break free from traditional structures and explore new musical horizons. The Scale Circle revolutionizes chord exploration across various scales, igniting your creativity like never before.

Ultimate Chord Library: Elevate your compositions with harmonically stable diatonic chords derived from scale notes. Unlock a world of versatility and intrigue, ensuring your songs captivate and surprise.

Song Analyzer: Uncover the secrets of successful songs and draw inspiration from their chord progressions. With the Key Finder, effortlessly identify the key for each progression and derive diatonic chords from it using the Scale Circle.

Craft compelling lyrics with ease using our integrated editor and Word-Finder. Whether you’re in search of rhymes, synonyms, antonyms, or words with specific meanings or patterns, the Word Finder provides tailored suggestions to enhance your songwriting process.

Bring your melodies, bass lines, and solos to life on the piano or fretboard. Visualize harmonious arrangements by displaying the notes of the chords or scale used, ensuring every element blends seamlessly.

Immerse yourself in your compositions with our audio player, effortlessly evaluating chord progressions by playing selected lines, blocks, or the entire song.

Effortlessly arrange chords using our intuitive interface or opt for the convenience of the text editor, where chords and lyrics can be written as plain text. Complete your song with ChordPro directives for a professional touch.

At any stage, experience the magic of visualization as your song takes center stage in the songbook. Seamlessly organize your songs in the Set-List, ensuring smooth performances and productive rehearsals.

Unleash your songwriting potential with the Song Writer app – where creating captivating songs is both easy and thrilling.

The Song Writer is based on smartChord which contains 40 great tools for learning, composing and playing for students or professional musicians. Everything works equally well for guitar, ukulele, bass or many other stringed instruments. Expect THE reference for chords, scales and picking patterns for any tuning. Or THE songbook with access to the world’s largest catalogs of lyrics, chords and TABs.

Only the best should be good enough. Expect a best-integrated set of tools. Basics like tuner, metronome or circle of fifths. But just better. The tuner has e.g. an extra string change mode or the metronome a speed trainer.

The ultimate chord library knows every chord and fingering for every instrument and tuning. Without exception! Conversely, there is a chord name for any fingering.

A songbook that is second to none. It finds every song imaginable with chords for any tuning and instrument. Without registration and account. It converts songs for guitar independently for ukulele, bass or banjo. Or vice versa from ukulele to guitar, etc. Of course with the corresponding chords and favorite fingerings. Incredibly functional: Intelligent line break, auto scroll, zoom, audio and video player, drum machine, YouTube integration, pedal support, online editor and viewer, and much more.

Scales galore. Play the scales with all kinds of patterns. Like the pros. And also sometimes different from what you are used to. Provides the diatonic chords for every scale and vice versa.

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