smartChord V10.6

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βœ” Songbook scroll control behavior

  • Possibility to control the scrolling by defining a time from start when automatic scrolling reaches the line
  • Scroll time markers can be set by the context menu directly in the songbook or the menu of the song editor
  • Scroll time markers directive {x_sccrd_stm:01:20} which determines the time in minutes and seconds
  • Scroll time markers are visible and highlighted. A tap on the scroll time marker lets you change the time
  • Read our documentation to learn how to scroll

βœ” Table of contents: Selects the last used item

❗❗ Behavior change: When you exit a feature in which you have changed the store item (like a song), you must decide whether to save or discard

🐞 Songbook: When using ‘Replace chord’ and the song was already transposed, the new chord was not transposed

🐞 Songbook: Internet song search had sometimes problems with artist pages e.g. on guitartabs

βœ” Other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Andreas Arbeit, Carsten Bruns, Gerrit Horeis, Guy Togbenou, Hans Sta, Javier Barraza and Nick Levyn for their contribution to this version

β–Ά Watch our video to learn how to scroll: