smartChord V10.8

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✔ Chord and Chord details: Option to display a resizable piano, which shows either the respective chord or fingering

✔ Chord dictionary: Add and remove chord types from favorites

✔ Chord name: Selecting a chord name will change the note names and intervals accordingly

✔ Songbook:
◾ Easily add songs from not supported web pages: Select the song text and use the context menu ‘Create song’
◾ The elapsed scroll time is now the time taken to reach the current line

✔ Cloud folders are sorted by name

✔ Cloud- and File-explorer: Switch to the parent folder with the back key

? Cloud- and File-Explorer: Icons visible also on bright themes

✔ Other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Alberto Torres Gutiérrez, Ginger Hawkins, Henk Oostrom, Luiz Marcos, Marcel Brouillet, Martin P. Daniels and Paolo Ventafridda for their contribution to this version