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The Song Analyzer is a world first. It recognizes the chord progressions and keys of each song. Get inspiration from successful songs when writing your own. The Song Analyzer analyzes the songs in your songbook or any other song found with a smart song search from the greatest internet song catalogs.

It shows the chord progressions of the song. You can investigate the chords and fingerings for more than 40 instruments and every possible tuning.

It shows the key of a song and the key of a chord progression. This will help you to get familiar with music keys and learn to identify music keys.

The Song Analyzer allows you to create exercises from the chord progressions and practice them.

The Song Analyzer is based on smartChord which contains 40 great tools for learning, composing and playing for students or professional musicians. Everything works equally well for guitar, ukulele, bass or many other stringed instruments. Expect THE reference for chords, scales and picking patterns for any tuning. Or THE songbook with access to the world’s largest catalogs of lyrics, chords and TABs.

Only the best should be good enough. Expect a best-integrated set of tools. Basics like tuner, metronome or circle of fifths. But just better. The tuner has e.g. an extra string change mode or the metronome a speed trainer.

The ultimate chord library knows every chord and fingering for every instrument and tuning. Without exception! Conversely, there is a chord name for any fingering.

A songbook that is second to none. It finds every song imaginable with chords for any tuning and instrument. Without registration and account. It converts songs for guitar independently for ukulele, bass or banjo. Or vice versa from ukulele to guitar, etc. Of course with the corresponding chords and favorite fingerings. Incredibly functional: Intelligent line break, auto scroll, zoom, audio and video player, drum machine, YouTube integration, pedal support, online editor and viewer, and much more.

Scales galore. Play the scales with all kinds of patterns. Like the pros. And also sometimes different from what you are used to. Provides the diatonic chords for every scale and vice versa.

The s.mart Song Analyzer is published on Google Play.

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