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Internet song search

The songbook is empty because of license issues and the question: which songs should the songbook contain? Everybody would expect different songs. The solution is the internet. There are excellent resources. smartChord finds your songs out there. Just use ‘Folder’ menu -> ‘New’ -> ‘internet search’. The internet search will find millions of songs from the greatest internet song catalogs like ultimate-guitar, azchords, chordie, e-chords, guitaretab,…. Browse them and save them in smartChord to use them offline.

You can even use songs from a guitar site to use it for your Ukulele or any other supported instrument or vice versa. smartChord shows the correct chords and fingering for the instrument.

This mighty song search uses a search engine to find your favorite songs in the greatest internet song catalogs. It’s done in just three steps:

  1. Enter the name of the artist as well as the title of the song and start the search. You’ll get the search result from the search engine in a browser.
  2. Use the browser to navigate to your song page. If the browser shows a page with a song, the song is extracted and presented to you. It can take some seconds on a slow web page or if you have a slow internet connection.
  3. If you like the extracted song, use ‘OK’ to take it to the songbook. Otherwise, go back and try another page.

Please notice:

  • smartChord uses a search engine like Google to search for songs. This is the very best possibility to find any song you like, as you are not limited to just one song provider.
  • Like in the web interface of the search engine, you can add everything to the search term that can help to find your song.
  • In rare cases, it can happen, that the extraction of a song is incomplete. Normally the ‘reload’ button fixes the problem.
  • Check the settings for the search. You can select another search engine or limit the search to a special internet song catalog or exclude it from the search.
  • The ‘Back’ button on your device will take you back in the browser’s history. The ‘<‘ button in the top left corner will take you back to the Songbook.

Internet chord sites

The following internet chord sites are explicitly supported, but there are thousands of other sites which will work too.
▫ www.amdm.ru
▫ www.azchords.com
▫ www.bigbasstabs.com
▫ www.chordie.com
▫ www.chords-and-tabs.net
▫ www.cifraclub.com
▫ www.cifras.com.br
▫ www.e-chords.com
▫ www.guitaretab.com
▫ www.guitartabs.cc
▫ www.guitartabsexplorer.com
▫ www.mandotabs.com
▫ www.tabs4acoustic.com
▫ www.ukutabs.com
▫ www.ultimate-guitar.com
▫ www.yourchords.com

Search engines

Songbook supports a lot of search engines. They are essential to finding your songs. Each of them has different algorithms to rank the chord pages. In the case that your preferred internet site for chords is not listed by the default search engine, just switch to a different one like:
▫ baidu.com
▫ bing.com
▫ duckduckgo.com
▫ ecosia.org
▫ google.com
▫ qwant.com
▫ yandex.ru

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