smartChord V6.23

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⭐ Songbook supports YouTube videos
▫ Link to a YouTube video within a song
▫ Embedded YouTube player to show the video
▫ Special search to find the YouTube video for your song (at the moment it is unfortunately limited to subscribers and UNLIMITED customers, as YouTube has a limited quota to access their data)
▫ Option to synchronize the start/stop for the YouTube player
▫ Duration of a song is automatically set by the duration of a video
▫ New directive to define the YouTube video id {x_sccrd_yt:19JVc76ExkY}

✅ Fretboard Trainer: Sound was to quite and it crashed, when capo was set outside the quiz range

✅ Two new tunings for Portuguese Guitar: ‘Portuguese Lisboa’ and ‘Portuguese Coimbra’

✅ Online song editor update (V1.5) with support for YouTube directive (

✅ Other changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks also to Evgenij Neuwirt, Hugo Maia and Maria Amélia for their contribution to this version.