smartChord V7.11

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⭐ Songbook: Options to get the whole song on one screen
▫ Multi column layout
◾ Option to present a song in 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns
◾ It is song specific and can differ from song to song
◾ Supports intelligent line break with zooming
◾ Needs Android 7 or newer

▫ Compact song view mode
◾ New ‘Mode’ presents the song in ChordPro style, where the chords are in the same line of the lyrics

▫ Buttons for ‘Info’, ‘Line break’, … are staying visible in ‘Just chords’ or ‘Lyrics’ mode
❗ Fix: DropBox synchronisation
❗ Fix: Update the song when changing the mode

✅ Simple ‘drum kit’ to jam around. Just for fun 🙂
▫ Use up to 16 percussion instruments in parallel
▫ Choose between more than 40 percussion instruments
▫ Create multiple drum kits and sync them between your devices

✅ Drum machine:
▫ Possibility to use the same instrument with different volume or velocity
▫ Button to get a drum kit for the drums in the drum machine

✅ Metronome: New lower limit of 4 BPM

✅ Other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Eugene Mih, Henk Oostrom, Jose Climent, Lee Lawrence and Mike Mountain for their contribution to this version