smartChord V8.19.1

✔ Technical release with minor improvements and fixes

✔ Chords: Favorites are marked with a star in the ‘Simplify chords’ dialog

✔ We have updated the manual describing the handling of chords and fingerings in smartChord:

❀ Special thanks to André Giroud, Colin Coutts and Miguel Pires for their contribution to this version

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smartChord V8.19

⭐ Redesign of the ‘Chords’ screen – the chord reference:
▫ Clearer user interface
▫ Chord dictionary integrated so that more than 1200 chord types are available
▫ Enter the root and bass by the ‘note circle’
▫ Always visible text field to enter the chord type or to filter the chord type list
▫ New spinner to filter the chord types:
◾ Dictionary
◾ Expert
◾ Advanced
◾ Beginner
◾ Custom
◾ Favorites
◾ Augmented
◾ Diminished
◾ Suspended
◾ 13th
◾ 11th
◾ 9th
◾ 7th
◾ 6th
▫ Your custom chords are always appended when a filter is applied

✔ Circle of fifths:
▫ A click on the scale view shows the scale in the ‘Scale’ screen
▫ Chord names completed for Major/Ionion scale when showing triads

✔ New option for small devices to make the home-screen scrollable and the texts readable in any case

❗❗ Only general settings are still accessible via the home-screen

? Songbook: Sometimes the drum machine played the wrong sounds
? Fretboard trainer & Circle of fifths: Fixed musical notation on large devices
✔ Other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Gustaf Norman, Hans Sta, Jakov Gacina, Piotr Czerniejewski, Scott Noroozi, Sergei Nikiforov and Stefano Tranchini for their contribution to this version

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