smartChord V10.12

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Chord diagrams: Option to mark open strings with a rectangle

Fretboard Trainer:
◾ Possibility to select single scales with tonic
◾ More scale selection possibilities (
◾ Optimized layout for large answer lists

Set list:
◾ Import is possible from an arbitrary folder on the device
◾ Larger font

◾ Possibility to show the note names on all keys belonging to a chord or scale
◾ Possibility to change the base note of a chord or the tonic of a scale

Notepad: More scale selection possibilities (

File importer: Menu entry to set smartChords app specific folders for import

✔ We have dedicated a separate chapter to chord inversions:

🐞 Set list: Export and print showed a blank page when ‘No content’ was selected

✔ A lot of other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Alberto Torres Gutiérrez, Anshela Sanabria, Monkey Do, Patrick Senac, Rob D. Schaefer, Ron Rijnenberg and Somsavath Norindr for their contribution to this version