smartChord V10.13

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✔ Settings are searchable. The keyword search provides a quick overview of the available settings

✔ Chord name:
◾ Fingering colors follow the color scheme binding for the selected chord
◾ Optional notes of a chord are marked in red

✔ Chord in mode ‘Scale’: Click on the scale name to change the scale. Click on the scale icon to open the scale in the scale tool

✔ Songbook: Chord gallery new long-click option to add or to remove the fingering from favorites

✔ Set list: Layout optimizations

✔ New documentation:

◾ General appearance:
◾ Piano:

🐞 Songbook: Automatic scroll speed after editing a songtext

🐞 Songbook: Key Identifier and Scale Name called with the wrong chord order

🐞 Songbook internet search: Workaround to handle corrupt song pages on

🐞 Categories have been lost when you save a song that is running the set list

🐞 Rootless chords didn’t enforce to have the bass note in slash chords

✔ A lot of other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Alberto Torres Gutiérrez, Marcel Brouillet, Rob D. Schaefer, Stefan Manns, Thomas Fiebich and William G. Jordan for their contribution to this version