smartChord V10.14

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⭐ Instrument translator:

◾ Translates the fingering from one instrument or tuning to another instrument or tuning

◾ It’s easing the learning process for musicians who are proficient in one instrument and want to learn or switch to another

◾ It allows you to enter the notes or fingering on the instrument you are familiar with

◾ The reverse chord finder finds the resulting chords for the notes entered

◾ The chord dictionary presents the possible fingerings for the resulting chords

◾ It translates from one of the approx. 40 supported string instruments and the piano to another

◾ It supports any tuning

◾ The reverse chord finder is configurable and also looks for inversions, slash chords, incomplete or rootless chords

◾ The note colors follow the color scheme and the selected chord

◾ Documentation:

🐞 Songbook internet search: Workaround to handle corrupt song pages on cifra

🐞 Songbook: Scrolling on rare conditions

🐞 Chord name: Not all note names were visible without a selected chord

🐞 Play chord sounds in some screens

✔ A lot of other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Andreas Arbeit, Daniel Ruíz Mojica, Marcos Giovane, Martin Wiesenhofer, Peter Fresser and Yves Sancho Oliver for their contribution to this version