smartChord V11.1

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⭐ Chord Pad

◾ Multi-purpose tool to
▫ compose and experiment with chord progressions
▫ accompany a song
▫ jam around and have fun 🙂

◾ Add single chords or add the chord set from a song or chord progression

◾ Choose from 100 instruments for the sound of each chord

◾ The volume can be selected individually for each chord

◾ Multi-touch support to play several chords at the same time

◾ Easily rearrange with drag and drop

◾ Colors according to your color scheme

◾ Optional full-screen mode

◾ Optional Piano to play melodies. Together with the piano, the result is something like an accordion

◾ Storage to save and organize your pads including the Table of Contents

◾ Share your pads with your bandmates or friends

◾ Sync your pads between your devices

◾ Add links to a pad in songs and notes

◾ Open the Chord Pad with the chords of a song, chord progression, Circle of Fifths, Song Writer…


✔ Songbook: Option to define the default player which will be shown when no specific player or player input has been selected

✔ Home screen tools definition
◾ Tools are filterable by categories: Composing, Dictionary, Learning, …
◾ Buttons to select or deselect all

✔ Table of Contents: Search field with auto-completion from history of previous searches

🌈 Home screen:
◾ Possibility to set the color of the tool icons
◾ Documentation:

✔ Documentation:
Getting started with smartChord

🐞 Capo: The fingerings were not updated in every case when the capo was changed

🐞 Key Identifier: Problems removing a chord

🐞 Chords: Note buttons shows also Solfege and Nashville Number System again

🐞 Simplify chords: Shows also chords according to Solfege and Nashville Number System

✔ A lot of other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Adriano Maria Elena, Ken Cowie, Lena Schütten, Manfred Leitner, Marcos Galletero Romero and Scott Noroozi for their contribution to this version