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Backup and restore

The backup tool enables you to backup and restore smartChord settings and all items you have saved like songs, set lists, chord progressions, exercises, etc. You can reach the backup tool through the navigation menu in the left upper corner of the Home screen.

PLEASE NOTE, that NO RECORDINGS created in the notes will be saved!

The backup files are maintained in the backup folder which is something like: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/de.smartchord.droid/files/notes (where ‘0’ can differ on your device).

Backup creation

smartChord does create backups automatically in the backup folder. You can also create backups manually anytime by clicking on the Save button (diskette).


  • Select a cloud directory in the settings. smartChord will then also store your backups in the cloud.
  • Click the Share button to send your smartChord backup regularly to a safe place outside your smartphone (e.g. to Google Drive or your email client).

Restore a backup

You can restore the content of any backup in the list. Select the backup in the list and click the Restore button (checkmark) and acknowledge to restore a backup.

You can place any backup also from other devices in the backup folder of your phone. The backup tool will list it and it can be used to restore that data.

Alternatively, you can use the menu to select a backup file from a folder on your device or a folder in your cloud to restore that data.

Migrate data from one device to another

Restore the state of one device to another with the following steps:

  1. Go to the smartChord home screen of your old device
  2. Go to the Backup tool (by the navigation menu in the left upper corner)
  3. Create a new backup with a meaningful name
  4. Select the new backup and send it with the Share button to your new device
  5. Copy or move the backup file on the new device to the following backup directory:
  6. Go to the Backup tool on the new device
  7. Select the new backup from the old device
  8. Click on the Restore button (checkmark) to restore the backup. Acknowledge to restore the data

Alternatively, you can also

  • Share your new backup and choose your cloud as the destination. Use the menu in the Backup tool of your new device and use “Restore from cloud file“.
  • You can copy or move the backup file to dedicated directory like /storage/emulated/0/smartchord/backup. Use the menu in the Backup tool of your new device and use “Restore from file“.
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