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Print songs

If you need or want to have your songs on paper, the Songbook allows you to print your songs. You have several options when printing a song. You can …

  • choose between one of the three different color sets
  • print the song with or without chord diagrams. They are printed below the songtext
  • print the chord diagrams in the colors of your color scheme or optimized for printout in black and white
  • add the line with the information below the title: Key, time signature, tempo, duration and capo
  • add the complete set of information below the song

You can also use this print feature to download the printout as PDF file and share it with your friends, bandmates or students.

Print multiple songs at once

If you want to print multiple songs at once, we recommend organizing them in a set list and us the print or export feature of the set list.

Print with margin

The printout uses all the space on the page to fit the song to the maximum size. It is printed without margins. This is perfect for putting your printouts in clear sleeves. But if you want to file your printouts, a margin can be helpful. To get the printout with margins, we recommend this:

  1. Use the Download PDF button and send the PDF to your PC e.g. via mail
  2. Open the PDF on the PC with a program that allows you to define margins when printing a PDF. Thunderbird and Firefox both do this.
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