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Please find answers to several FAQs below. If you still need help, feel free to reach out to us at info@smartChord.de for assistance. We welcome your questions and feedback.

General questions

There are colour schemes which will help you to distinguish the notes of different degrees in chords, arpeggios, scales and the circle of fifths at a glance. You can switch the colour scheme in the settings of the ‘Home’ screen.

smartChord does make backups automatically on the external storage. nnIn the ‘Backup’ feature, you can create a backup anytime. There you can also restore any backup. The backups are stored in the smartChord/backup folder of your device storage. You can reach the ‘Backup’ feature by the menu on the ‘Home’ screen.nnFrom there you can copy a backup file to the smartChord/backup folder of another device and restore in the ‘Backup’ feature. nnYou can use the ‘Share’ functionality in the ‘Backup’ feature to send a backup to a save place or to another device where you can restore it.nnsmartChord also detects backups after an new installation and asks if it should be restored.

Yes. smartChord is available in different dark and light colour combinations (themes). Dark themes are more suitable to play on stage and to save your battery power. Just pick your favorite one on the ‘Home’ screen (button in the upper right).nThere is also a ‘Dark screen’ option in the songbook, which is independent from the chosen theme.n

You may hide features from the ‘Home’ screen using the menu popping up on a long-press. You can add all hidden features again by the ‘Add tools’ menu on the ‘Home’ screen.

You can add hidden features by the ‘Add tools’ menu item on the ‘Home’ screen. You may also hide features from the ‘Home’ screen again using the menu poping up on a long-press.

You can’t limit the access to the app folder in the cloud. This is because most users want to use another folder than the app folder as most of them have already a folder for their songs. This is the most flexible and convenient solution. Please use a network sniffer to check that we do NOT use or abuse your files.

The sound of the instrument is produced by your phone. Some phones have really bad sound. And no phone has really authentic sound, because it is produced by the phones MIDI producer.

Use the ‘Reorder’ menu on the ‘Home’ screen to reorder or remove the tools on the homescreen by drag’n’drop.

Normally the producer of your new device provides a tool to move the data from the old device to the new device (e.g. ‘Smart switch’ from Samsung). Also Google can do the job with the backup and restore feature. nnAnd last but not least, smartChord has also different possibilities to synchronize data. If you want to do it with smartChord.nnThe best way is to copy a backup file n1. Go to smartChord on your old devicen2. Send the backup file from the backup screen with the sharenbutton to your new device. (You’ll get to the backup screen by the navigation menu in the left upper corner)n3. Copy a backup file to the folder \smartChord\backup on your new phonen4. Go to the the backup screen and restore the backupnnnOr you can use the synchronization:nn1. Use the ‘Synchronize smartChord’ feature to store your content in the cloudn2. Add the Google Play account to the new phone. It’s the account with which you have bought smartChord or a s.mart appn3. Install smartChord on all s.mart apps you have bought on the new phone.n4. Use the ‘Synchronize smartChord’ feature on your new phone to restore your content from the cloud

Actually the products are detected immediately and the features are activated instantly. nnIf a bought product and its feature are not activated, please check the following:nnWas your order successful? Is the amount debited?nnGo to smartChord and check this: ‘Info’ -> ‘Your products’. It requests the latest information from Google and your purchased products are listed then. nnCheck the purchased products in the Google ‘Play Store’ -> ‘My Account’ -> ‘smartChord’ -> ‘Subscriptions’ or ‘Order History’n

smartChord allows individualized tone names and symbols. You can define your personal preferences in the general settings. These settings affect all of the smartChord features. nnThe songbook e.g. converts the chords and shows them according to the general settings. So you’ll always get a C#, even if the original chord of the song is written as Db. But there is an option to force the songbook to show the original chords. But keep in mind, that with this option activated, the transposing is deactivated!nnThere is also an interesting setting for the chord diagram info in the instruments ‘Chords’ settings. It allows to switch between the tone symbols, you have chosen in the general settings or the tone names according to the music theory.

We thought a lot about the help in smartChord. The handling of the app is described in the help, tips and the FAQ. And there is our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/smartChord. nnThe big open issue is the musical theory. But this is such a wide field with so much themes and topics. We skipped it as there are already so much good web sites where the musical theory is excellently explained. nnThe best advice would be to search the web for the topic you are interested in and use smartChord as a tool to support you.nnThere are a few tutorials about smartChord. It’s the best to search for smartChord on YouTube.

You can update smartChord in the Google Play Store. There should be an ‘Update’ button if you follow this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.smartchord.droidnnPlease see also Googles help page for updating Android apps: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/113412

A purchased version of smartChord can be easily reinstalled or used on multiple devices. You don’t have to pay twice. Just install it on your devices. It is important to use the same Google Play account with which you have bought smartChord. If it was an in-app payment, that’s enough. If it was a separate s.mart app, just install it on your device. You can find your bought apps in the order history: https://play.google.com/store/account/orderhistorynnYou can check if everything is installed correctly:n’Info’ -> ‘Your products’. nYour purchased products are listed there.

You’ll get help and tips for each screen by the ‘…’ menu in the upper right corner. There is also a FAQ section in the ‘Info’ which clarifies frequently asked questions. And there is our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/smartChord. If there are still problems, please write an email to info@smartChord.de

We want to make smartChord the best and most popular music app worldwide. To achieve this great goal, we have to go new ways. We follow the concept of a huge toolbox where the tools are very well integrated into each other. We made smartChord the central app with all the functionality and all the data.nnAs not every user needs every functionality, we made smaller packages for various purposes. The packages are represented by our plugins – the s.mart apps like the s.mart Mandolin. The s.mart apps just unlock functionality – but they need smartChord.nnYour benefits:n? smartChord as the central app, contains every functionality and datan? The UNLIMITED provides includes also future features and apps automatically. You’ll never get asked to buy a new app or feature.n? smartChord and thus every s.mart app is improved at least two times a monthn? The tools complement each other or build on each othern? Uniform concept and user interfacen? Share the data between the toolsn? No need to update multiple appsn? Very small memory footprint on your devicen? Early access to new featuresn? Quick bug-fixesn

smartChord does make backups automatically on the external storage. This happens independent from the feature you are using and in regular periods. The permissions are also needed to make a great user experience, as they are essential to read and write settings, backups, music files, songs, … nnBe insured that smartChord does access the files just to show it or make it audible in one of smartChords features. smartChord does NOT collect, store, send or distribute any personal or personal identifiable information or data about you.

smartChord does NOT need access to photos or to any personal information on your phone! n- The ‘audio record’ permission is essential for the tuner n- The ‘vibrate’ permission is needed to signal, that time is up (timer) or pitch is met (tuner) n- The ‘wake lock’ permission is needed to prevent sleep mode while the metronome is playing n- The ‘external storage’ permission is essential to read and write settings, backups, music files, songs n- The ‘network access’ permission is needed for the internet search for songs (and maybe ads in the future)nnThere is a possibility to withdraw permissions with Android 6 or higher. Please check: ‘Info’ -> ‘Permissions’ -> ‘Permissions’n

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