smartChord V6.15

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⭐ Songbook: Accelerate or slow down the speed at which you’d like to practice a song (Android >= 6.0). It affects the audio play speed as well as the scroll speed

⭐ Scales: Print a scale shown on the fretboard with all its patterns

✅ 38 new predefined tunings for Lute

✅ Fixes:
◾ Songbook: Scroll break directive ({x_sccrd_sbr} did not work in all conditions
◾ Songbook: Unnecessary line breaks removed
◾ Metronome: Some names of the drum sounds were mixed up
◾ Scales: Some “2 notes per string” scale patterns came twice

✅ Chord 7/b5/b13 added

✅ Minor changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Jamie Birger, Marc Barten, Marek Drizhal, Paulo Silva, Paul Breaux, Robin Grant, Thomas Terranova, Thor Crowley and Wesley Oldaker for their contribution to this version.