smartChord V6.19

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⭐ A tradução para o português está completa novamente (Portuguese translation is complete again)

⭐ Set list:
▫ Add images like photos of your sheet music
▫ Zoom into PDF and images. Individual zoom factor is persisted for each PDF and image
▫ Add notes to your set list items
▫ The ‘Break’ screen shows the notes (e.g. a joke or an anecdote)
▫ Collapse or expand the notes in the set list
▫ Smooth scrolling of songs and images
▫ Optimized handling of large PDF files
▫ Navigation buttons to switch between the songs/items

⭐ Songbook
▫ Allows to replace the fingerings and the chords of a song
▫ Option to sort the chords in the gallery by name or their occurrence in the song
▫ Songbook internet search: Option to show/edit the link

✅ Notepad: Menu item to share your notes

✅ New chords: maj7sus2, maj7sus4, maj9sus2, maj9sus4, 9sus2, 13sus2, mb11/b9

✅ Fix in ‘Table of content’: Deletion crashed on multiple selection

✅ Fix in Songbook: Behavior of scrolling delay indicator for short texts

✅ Fix in Songbook: Better results with search engine DuckDuckGo when no ‘Chord page’ was selected

✅ Fix: ‘Select directory’ didn’t show the arrow to switch to the parent directory in light themes

✅ A lot of other minor changes/fixes

▶ There is a video which gives ‘a great overview of smartChord’:

? smartChord user forum: We have installed a forum for smartChord users to ask questions, get answers, hold discussions and exchange ideas and opinions:

❀ Special words of thank go to Rodrigo Duarte for completing the Portuguese translation. He did a really great and thorough job!!!
Um agradecimento especial a Rodrigo Duarte por concluir a tradução em português. Ele fez um trabalho realmente excelente e completo!!!

❀ Special thanks also to Denny Gäbel, Francisco José Vela Roncero, Joshua Nunez, Marc Barten, Michael Soots, Oded, Olav Stüwe, Paul Schoonderwoerd and Victor Osaka‎ for their contribution to this version.