smartChord V6.21

⭐ s.mart Fretboard Trainer
▫ In a pre-release version for subscribers and UNLIMITED customers (invisible for all others)
▫ Teaches you the notes on the neck of your instrument in a playful and effective way
▫ Different quiz types: Either identify notes or locate notes
▫ Different input/output modules: Fretboard, Piano, Text, Musical Notation, Sound
▫ Statistics to check your training progress (table and chart)
▫ Supports all instruments and tunings ▫ Supports all other relevant smartChord features (e.g. left handed fretboard or Solfège)

✅ Songbook: Improved lookup for audio files, if location has been changed (e.g. after synchronization)

✅ Fix: Set list crashed when adding PDFs and images into a empty one

❀ Special thanks also to Antoni Nicolau, Emory Keller, Jürgen Wernicke, Pavel Novák and Robert Hilverth for their contribution to this version.

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  1. Chuck Pennell

    I have a problem getting smartchord copied to my second Android phone. I tried to use Google sync and install from the play store but it did not give me my membership copy. Can you help me please?

    1. Mart

      Please log into Google Play with the account you have bought smartChord and install smartChord on your new device. If you have bought a s.mart app, you have to install it too. You can find your bought apps in the order history:

      You can check if everything is installed correctly:
      “Info” -> “Your products”.
      Your purchased products are listed there.

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