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The Word-Finder will help you with the right words. There is a YouTube video, which shows the Word-finder in the Lyrics Pad. Just enter the search term and click the magnifier glass.

CAUTION: It supports only English and Spanish. However, word databases with several million words are available for these languages.

For your effective work, the search results are sorted by their rating and the number of syllables sorted. You can define keywords in the settings to better structure the text.

Your options:

  • Adjectives: Popular adjectives used to modify the given noun e.g. beach → sandy
  • Antonyms: e.g. late → early
  • Consonant match: e.g. sample → simple
  • Homophones: (sound-alike words) e.g. course → coarse
  • Kind of: direct hypernyms e.g. gondola → boat
  • Meaning like: words with a related meaning e.g. duck → bird
  • Near rhymes: approximate rhymes e.g. forest → chorus
  • Nons: popular nouns modified by the given adjective (e.g. gradual → increase)
  • Part of: direct meronyms e.g. trunk → tree
  • Rhymes: ‘perfect’ rhymes e.g. spade → aid
  • Synonyms: e.g. ocean → sea
  • Similar sounds: results are pronounced similarly
  • Words by pattern: enter meaning and the pattern:

Please visit Datamuse for further information.

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