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Perform your song

You can open your song in the Songbook with the corresponding button in the toolbar. Use our Songbook to practice your songs. It’s one of the most valuable tools in smartChord and offers an incredible range of features.

Organize your songs in a set list for rehersal and your gigs.

Use the ‘Set list link’ to connect devices of your bandmates and keep the set list with its songs synchronous on all devices.

Use Bluetooth and MIDI devices to control your songbook and set list.

Synchronize your songs and set lists with your bandmates.

Share your song with trusted musical peers or mentors and ask for their feedback. They can offer fresh perspectives and constructive criticism to help you refine your progression. Consider their input and make adjustments accordingly.

Perform and resent your songs to your audience. The online song viewer presents your song in any browser.

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